Year 6 Countdown Connectives

In Mr Boyer’s Year 6 Literacy Group, the children have enjoyed playing a game show to help them with their understanding and spelling of a number of connectives.  In groups, the children were told a connective which they then had to place into the correct connective category.  The categories were: Time Connectives, Comparison Connectives, Explanation Connectives, Adding Connectives and Conditional Connectives.  They had great fun playing the game and we even had game show music in the background.  Mr Boyer as the presenter had his glamorous assistant, Mrs Milnes, helping him keep score and making sure the teams adhered to the rules!  In the end the winning team was – Ryan, Jessica, Isabelle and Edward.  We’re now all looking forward to seeing the results of the spelling test.

Countdown 1 Countdown 2

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