Our Ethos

We provide
All-round education with a commitment to academic excellence, encouraging positive relationships, strong friendships and core values of tolerance and understanding, arising from our Christian foundation.

We promote
The highest standards of learning and a commitment to personal discovery, with an expectation of excellence from our pupils and our staff.

We celebrate
The breadth of talents that pupils and staff bring to Silcoates School.

Our Aims

For our pupils:
To meet their educational needs in the 21st century through a traditional but ever-developing curriculum, both within and beyond the classroom; to help them develop their skills and attributes to the best of their ability; to encourage them to explore new activities and cultivate new talents; to help them become ambitious, energetic, committed and considerate adults.

For our parents:
To build a mutually rewarding partnership in which we share in the successes of our pupils; to listen, respond effectively and learn from each other in order to build and maintain strong bridges of communication and support.

For our staff:
To carry on the long-standing practice of being highly motivated, well-qualified, caring staff, who place the well-being of the individual and the quality of relationships at the centre of the learning experience.