Silcoates School Staff List 2019-2020


Senior Leadership Team

Mr C Wainman B.A. Geography (University of Leeds), M.A. Educational Leadership and Innovation (University of Warwick), P.G.C.E. (University of Sheffield), N.P.Q.H., M.C.C.T. Headmaster
Mrs R L Dews BEng (Hons) Fuel and Energy Engineering (University of Leeds) PGCE Mathematics and Games (University of York) Deputy Head (Academic)
Mr C Evans BSc/BA (Hons) Geography with Organisation Studies (University of Central Lancashire) PGCE Geography with Social Sciences (Keele University) MEd (University of the West of England) Deputy Head (Pastoral)
Mr M Johnson BSc (Hons) Accounting & Financial Analysis (University of Warwick) Bursar
Mrs E Moss BEd (Leeds Beckett University) Head of the Junior School


Senior School Teaching Staff

Mr R J Austin BA (Hons) History (University of Sheffield) PGCE History (University of York) History, Spencer’s*
Miss C Bayes BA MA Geography
Mr D Bright BA Maths
Mr K Buckley BA MA Business & Economics
Ms S Chambonnet BA MA MFL
Mrs J K Conlon BA (Hons) English Literature (Lancaster University) PGCE English and SEN (University of Leeds) English
Mr D Coulson BSc Applied Biology and Management Studies (University of Leeds) PGCE Science: Biology (University of Leeds) PSHCE*, Biology
Mr M Crouchman BSc Sport and Leisure Management (Loughborough), PGCE PE
Mrs A L Eckersley BSc (Hons) Computing (University of Huddersfield) PGCE ICT (University of Huddersfield) MA Information Technology, Multimedia and Education (University of Leeds) ICT*
Miss L Farrar BA Sports Development and PE (Leeds Trinity), PGCE PE
Mr D Grannon BSc Director of Sport
Miss E Hellyer BSc PE
Mrs L E Hoyland BA (Hons) Graphic Design (Northumbria University) PGCE Design Technology (Northumbria University) DT, Yonge’s*
Mr B M Hutson BEng (Hons) Electronic Communication and Computer Engineering (University of Bradford) PGCE Science: Physics (University of Huddersfield) MEng Electronic Communication and Computer Engineering (University of Bradford) MA Professional Development (Action Research in Teaching and Learning) (University of Huddersfield) Faculty Leader (Science)
Mr T Jarvis Music MusB (Manchester), MA Music Composition, PGCE Music, Director of Music
Mrs S J McKay BA (Hons) with QTS Education in Modern Foreign Languages (University of Sunderland) MFL*, Faculty Leader (Literacy & Languages)
Mr D Mehta BSc Mathematics (Durham), PGCE Mathematics Faculty Leader (Mathematics and Computing)
Mr P Mirrlees BA Hons French and Latin (Sheffield), PGCE (Sheffield) MFL, Latin
Mr A D Mistry BA (Hons) Industrial Design (Loughborough University) PGCE (Loughborough University) DT, Head of KS4 & Sixth Form
Mrs R Reddish BA (Hons) Fine Art (University of Lincoln) PGCE Art and Design (Manchester Metropolitan University) Art
Mrs R Redfearn BSc Cybernetics and Control Engineering (University of Reading) PGCE Physics (University of Oxford) MEd Professional Development, Teaching and Learning (University of Huddersfield) Physics
Mr C D Rowe BA (Hons) Design Representation (University of Hertfordshire) PGCE Design and Technology (Manchester Metropolitan University) DT*
Dr A Russell BSc (Hons) Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (University of the West of England) PGCE Science (Warwick University) PhD Human Genetics (Basel University) National Award for SENCOs (Oxford Brookes University) Learning Support*/Science
Miss N Simmons BA (Hons) English (York St John University), PGCE secondary with English at the University of Greenwich English, Head of KS3
Mr J Singh BA Hons Film and Television Studies (Leeds), FdA Film and Television Production (Leeds Met), PGCE Religious Studies (Leeds Trinity) RS, Evans
Mr T Sprott BSc Psychology
Mr G Tattersall BSc Maths
Mrs S E Tattersall BA Hons Drama/Theatre Studies and Theology/Religious Studies (University of Liverpool), PGCE in RE (Sheffield Hallam), Post Graduate Diploma in RE (University of Warwick) RS, Faculty Leader (Humanities)
Mr T Verinder BA (Hons) History and Politics (University of York) PGCE History and Politics (University of York) Politics*, History*
Mr S W Wardle BA (Hons) English (University of Bristol) PGCE English (University of Plymouth) MSt English (St John’s College, Oxford) English*
Mr C M Williamson BA Hons Natural Sciences (University of Cambridge) MSc Natural Sciences, (University of Cambridge), PGCE Secondary Science with Chemistry, University of Leicester. Chemistry
Mr P V Watkin BSc (Hons) Zoology (Newcastle University) PGCE Science: Biology (University of Leeds) Biology*
Mrs L H Whitworth BA (Hons) History of Art (University of York), PGCE (University of Wales, Cardiff) Art, Faculty Leader (Art & Design)


Junior School Teaching Staff

Mrs N Chambers BA (Hons) Music with QTS (University of Leeds) Year 1
Mrs E Cole SEND Assistant
Mr P Dixon BA (Hons) Sport Coaching (Sheffield Hallam University) Year 4
Mr T Dunham BSc (Hons) Geological Sciences (University of Leeds), PGCE Education Primary (SCITT) with QTS (University of Leeds), MSc Structural Geology with Geophysics (University of Leeds)
Mrs R M Elliott BA (Hons) Drama and English Language (University of Huddersfield) PGCE Primary Education (University of Derby) Reception
Mrs W Forge BA (Hons) Education Studies PGCE Primary Education (University of Bradford) Year 2
Mr T Hodson BA Hons Physical Education (Leeds Metropolitan), PGCE Primary (Sheffield Hallam) Year 5
Miss F Hudson
Mrs E H Jones BA (Hons) Hospitality Management and Tourism (University of Strathclyde), PGCE Junior Teaching with Early Years Specialism (Bradford College) Year 2
Mrs E Olumegbon BSc with QTS Science and Primary Subjects (Leeds Trinity University) Year 4
Miss C V Powell Year 3
Mr M S Trotter BA (Hons) (University of York) Music PGCE Music (University of Huddersfield) Year 6
Miss L Waller BA (Hons) Early Years (University of Huddersfield) QTS (Leeds Trinity University) Head of EYFS

* Head of Department or Head of House

Visiting Music Teachers

Mr D Hall Singing and Organ
Mrs H Heath Flute
Mr D Hoyle Brass
Mr R Keeble Percussion
Mr D Pearce Guitar
Mr D Roberts Brass
Miss S Stacey Singing
Mrs C White Piano
Mrs J Worboys-Hodgson Cello, Double Bass and Singing


Academic and Pastoral Support

Mrs J Alkadi School Nurse
Mrs S Beeching-Smith Classroom Co-ordinator
Mr M Collinson ICT Systems Manager
Mrs H Cooper Classroom Co-ordinator
Mr S Gibson DT Technician
Miss S Lloyd Classroom Co-ordinator
Mrs H Masser Classroom Co-ordinator
Mrs C Slaski SEND Assistant
Mr M Sutherland Lead Hockey Coach
Mrs C Swift Biology Technician
Miss M Thursby Chemistry Technician
Ms M Wardman Classroom Co-ordinator
Miss L Watson Classroom Co-ordinator
Mr P Webb ICT Technician


Administrative Support

Mrs H Barras Junior School Secretary
Mr G Fay Security
Mr N Fox Grounds
Mr K Fulford Head Groundsman
Mrs J Gower Marketing Manager
Mr G Jackson Porter
Mrs H Lindenmayer Admissions & Alumni Relations
Mr K Mansfield Security
Miss P McGrogan Academic Administrator
Mr P Noble Head Porter
Mrs A Obridge School Secretary
Ms L Parker Payroll Officer & Finance Assistant
Mrs F Reed Operations Manager
Mrs S Taylor Accounts Office Supervisor
Mrs K Thackray Purchasing & Projects Officer
Mrs R Thompson Data & Exams Manager
Ms R Thomson HR Manager
Mrs C Woodhead Headmaster’s PA

Examination Invigilators

Mrs S Brindley
Mrs G Farrar
Mr M Henshall
Mr S Horsfall
Mrs J Hunter
Mrs G Jennings
Mr J Newell
Mrs J Newell
Mrs B Shaw
Mrs C Smalley
Mrs D Thomson

Catering Staff

Miss B Hancock Head of Catering
Mr R Harrison Chef
Mrs S Hampshire
Mrs S Hurst
Mrs J Jeffs
Miss A Pagett
Mrs B Shaw
Miss T Townsend
Mrs J White

Cleaning Staff

Mrs G Wood Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs B Batty
Mrs L Brown
Mrs D Clarke
Mrs L Holt
Mrs A Morris
Mrs M Pickersgill
Miss J Smith
Ms T Stone
Ms R Thomas
Miss S Wilby