Silcoates School Staff List 2017-2018


Senior Leadership Team

Mr P C K Rowe MA Modern History (Oriel College, Oxford)
PGCE History and Drama (University of Wales, Swansea)
MEd Management and Policy Studies (University of Bristol)
Mr D J C Coll BEd Physical Education and Geography (Leeds Beckett University) Deputy Head
Mrs R L Dews BEng (Hons) Fuel and Energy Engineering (University of Leeds)
PGCE Mathematics and Games (University of York)
Director of Studies
Mr A P Boyer BEd (Hons) Geography and Physical Education (University of Derby) Head of the Junior School
Mr M Johnson BSc (Hons) Accounting & Financial Analysis (University of Warwick) Bursar
Mrs H M Lindenmayer CFIDip Clothing Design and Production Management (Royal College of Needlework, University of Manchester)
Early Years Professional Status (University of Huddersfield)
Director of Admissions



Senior School Teaching Staff

Mr M L Affleck BA (Hons) History and Philosophy (University of Leeds)
PGCE History and English (Durham University)
Religious Studies*
Mr R J Austin BA (Hons) History (University of Sheffield)
PGCE History (University of York)
Mr J S Bentley BA (Hons) Business Studies (University of Huddersfield)
PGCE Business Education (University of Huddersfield)
Business Studies*, Careers*
Mrs S Coll BA (Hons) German (University of Leeds)
PGCE German with Classics (University of Leeds)
Latin*, MFL
Mrs J K Conlon BA (Hons) English Literature (Lancaster University)
PGCE English and SEN (University of Leeds)
Mr D Coulson BSc Applied Biology and Management Studies (University of Leeds)
PGCE Science: Biology (University of Leeds)
PSHCE*, Biology
Mrs A L Eckersley BSc (Hons) Computing (University of Huddersfield)
PGCE ICT (University of Huddersfield)
MA Information Technology, Multimedia and Education (University of Leeds)
Mrs H K Emmett BSc (Hons) Geography (Lancaster University)
PGCE Geography (Durham University)
Mrs J Everingham BA (Hons) International Studies
PGCE (University of Leeds)
MA Politics (University of Sheffield)
PGCIE Innovation in Education (University of Warwick)
NPQML (National College for Teaching and Leadership)
Mr R I H Falloon BSc Geography (University of Wales, Aberystwyth)
PGCE Geography (University of Leeds)
PgDip Environmental Decision Making (Open University)
Dr C T Green BA History (Ancient) (University of Birmingham)
MA Classics (University of Leeds)
PhD Comparative Philosophical Literature (University of Leeds)
Religious Studies
Dr P Grooby BSc Colour Chemistry (University of Leeds)
PGCE Chemistry and Science (University of Leeds)
PhD Chemistry (University of Leeds)
Mr J R Hinchliffe BA (Hons) Sport and Leisure Management (University of Salford)
PGCE Literacy (University of Huddersfield)
Learning Support*, Head of Middle School
Miss N A Hoare BA (Hons) Music (Kingston University)
PGCE (Roehampton University)
PGDip Music Information Technology (City, University of London)
LGSM Piano Teaching (Guildhall School of Music and Drama)
Mrs L E Hoyland BA (Hons) Graphic Design (Northumbria University)
PGCE Design Technology (Northumbria University)
DT, Yonge’s*
Mr C D Hugill BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance (University of Bradford)
PGCE Mathematics (Leeds Trinity University)
Mr B M Hutson BEng (Hons) Electronic Communication and Computer Engineering (University of Bradford)
PGCE Science: Physics (University of Huddersfield)
MEng Electronic Communication and Computer Engineering (University of Bradford)
MA Professional Development (Action Research in Teaching and Learning) (University of Huddersfield)
Mr M D Jeanes BSc (Hons) Physics and Meteorology (University of Reading)
PGCE Mathematics and Physical Education (Loughborough University)
Mathematics, Evans’*
Miss A E Knowles BA (Hons) Secondary Physical Education with QTS (Lancaster University) PE, Spencer’s*
Revd J A Lees Dip CST Speech Therapy (School for the Study of Disorders of Human Communication, London)
Certificate of Theology (Mansfield College, Oxford)
MTh Speech Therapy & Theology Masters (City, University of London/University of Kwa Zulu Natal)
PhD (University of Sheffield)
Ms C A Marsh BEd (Hons) Junior Subjects, Printmaking (Lancaster University) Religious Studies, Head of Upper School
Mrs S J McKay BA (Hons) with QTS Education in Modern Foreign Languages (University of Sunderland) MFL*
Mrs J L McManus BA (Hons) French and German (University of Birmingham)
PGCE French and German (University of York)
Mr A D Mistry BA (Hons) Industrial Design (Loughborough University)
PGCE (Loughborough University)
DT, Head of Sixth Form
Miss C Moore BA (Hons) Illustration (University of Lincoln)
PGCE (Leeds Trinity University)
Miss I M Nicholls BA (Hons) English and American Literature and Drama (University of Kent)
PGCE English (University of Huddersfield)
Miss E L Nuttall BA (Hons) Sports Studies and History (University of Birmingham)
PGCE Physical Education (University of Southampton)
PE, Duke of Edinburgh Award’s Scheme Co-ordinator
Mrs H C Oxtoby BA (Hons) Education and Professional Development (Leeds Beckett University)
GTP (Bradford College)
Food Technology
Mr A W Paling BSc (University of Huddersfield)
PGCE ICT (University of Huddersfield)
Miss H M Peach BA (Hons) Physical Education (University of Birmingham)
PGCE Physical Education (Leeds Beckett University)
Mrs R Platt BA (Hons) Music (University of Leeds)
LTCL (Trinity College, London)
Mr A J Potter BSc (Hons) Health and Sports Studies (University of Huddersfield)
PGCE Physical Education (De Montfort University)
Games*, PE
Miss L F S Reynolds BSc (Hons) Mathematics (University of Manchester),
PGCE (Manchester Metropolitan University)
MEd Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Mr G M Roberts BEd (Hons) Physical Education (Leeds Beckett University) PE
Mrs K C Robson MA (Hons) Russian with Linguistics (University of St Andrews)
GTP (Southend Teacher Training Partnership)
DipHE Science Education: Physics (Sheffield Hallam University)
Mr C D Rowe BA (Hons) Design Representation (University of Hertfordshire)
PGCE Design and Technology (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Miss N Simmons BA (Hons) English (York St John University)
PGCE English (University of Greenwich)
Mr T P Sprott BSc Psychology (Northumbria University)
PGCE Psychology and History (Keele University)
Mrs D J Townsend BSc (Hons) with Cert Ed Mathematics (Loughborough University) Mathematics
Mr T Verinder BA (Hons) History and Politics (University of York)
PGCE History and Politics (University of York)
Politics*, History
Mr S W Wardle BA (Hons) English (University of Bristol)
PGCE English (University of Plymouth)
MSt English (St John’s College, Oxford)
Mr P V Watkin BSc (Hons) Zoology (Newcastle University)
PGCE Science: Biology (University of Leeds)
Mrs L H Whitworth BA (Hons) History of Art (University of York)
PGCE (University of Wales, Cardiff)
Mr N J Wears GCLCM (Leeds College of Music) Music
Dr P A Wright MSci (Hons) Pure and Applied Chemistry (University of Strathclyde)
PGCE Science: Chemistry (University of Leeds)
PhD Organometallic (University of Southampton)
Mrs X Zambrano Villamizar BA (Hons) Psychology (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá)
Dip Psych (Open University)
PGCE Spanish and French (University of Sheffield)
MFL Teacher



Junior School Teaching Staff

Mrs N Chambers BA (Hons) Music with QTS (University of Leeds) Year 1
Mr J E Clark BA (Hons) Recreation Management (Sheffield Hallam University)
PGCE Primary Education (Sheffield Hallam University)
Year 6
Mr P Dixon BA (Hons) Sport Coaching (Sheffield Hallam University) Year 4
Mrs R M Elliott BA (Hons) Drama and English Language (University of Huddersfield)
PGCE Primary Education (University of Derby)
Year 5
Mrs W Forge BA (Hons) Education Studies
PGCE Primary Education (University of Bradford)
Year 2
Mrs E H Jones BA (Hons) Hospitality Management and Tourism (University of Strathclyde),
PGCE Junior Teaching with Early Years Specialism (Bradford College)
Year 2
Mrs E Olumegbon BSc with QTS Science and Primary Subjects (Leeds Trinity University) Year 5
Miss C V Powell BA Hons in Primary Education with QTS (Lancaster University) Year 3
Mrs K Shuttleworth BA (Hons) Business and Marketing (Leeds Beckett University)
GTP (Wakefield Partnership for Initial Teacher Training)
Mr R Sykes BA (Hons) History (University of Huddersfield)
PGCE Primary Education (University of Nottingham)
Year 4
Mr M S Trotter BA (Hons) (University of York) Music
PGCE Music (University of Huddersfield)
Year 6
Miss L Waller BA (Hons) Early Years (University of Huddersfield)
QTS (Leeds Trinity University)
Early Years Teacher Status Qualification (University of Huddersfield)
Miss V C Wilkinson BA (Hons) Open Degree (Open University) Year 5

* Head of Department or Head of House

Visiting Music Teachers

Mrs V Bird Violin
Mr D Hall Singing and Organ
Mr D Hoyle Brass
Mr R Keeble Percussion
Mr D Pearce Guitar
Mrs J Rigby Piano and Clarinet
Mr D Roberts Brass
Miss S Stacey Singing
Mrs C White Piano
Mrs J Worboys-Hodgson Cello, Double Bass and Singing


Academic and Pastoral Support

Mrs J Alkadi School Nurse
Mrs S Beeching-Smith Classroom Co-ordinator
Mrs L Boyer Classroom Co-ordinator
Mr M Caugant French Language Assistant
Mr M Collinson ICT Systems Manager
Mrs H Cooper Classroom Co-ordinator
Mrs N Ferry Classroom Co-ordinator
Mr S Gibson DT Technician
Rev J Lees Chaplain
Mr D Lindenmayer German Language Assistant
Miss S Lloyd Classroom Co-ordinator
Mrs H Masser Classroom Co-ordinator
Mr J Nelmes Biology Technician
Mrs T Ogden Librarian
Mrs C Slaski Classroom Co-ordinator
Miss M Thursby Chemistry Technician
Ms M Wardman Classroom Co-ordinator
Mrs T Watkin Sixth Form Supervisor
Miss L Watson Classroom Co-ordinator
Mr P Webb ICT Technician


Administrative Support

Mrs H Barras Junior School Secretary
Mr P Chapman Porter
Mr G Fay Security
Mr N Fox Grounds
Mr K Fulford Head Groundsman
Mr G Jackson Porter
Mr K Mansfield Security
Mr P Noble Head Porter
Mrs A Obridge School Secretary
Mrs J O’Brien Accounts Assistant
Ms L Parker Payroll Officer & Finance Assistant
Mrs F Reed Operations Manager
Mr S Smith Grounds
Mrs S Taylor Accounts Office Supervisor
Mrs K Thackray Projects Manager
Mrs R Thompson Data & Exams Manager
Ms R Thomson HR Officer
Mrs E Wood Clerk to the Governors
Mrs C Woodhead Headmaster’s PA


Examination Invigilators

Mrs G Farrar
Mr M Henshall
Mrs J Hunter
Mrs G Jennings
Mr J Newell
Mrs J Newell
Mr S Ogden
Mrs D Thomson


Catering Staff

Miss B Hancock Head of Catering
Mr R Harrison Chef
Mrs R Edwards
Mrs S Hampshire
Mrs S Hurst
Mrs J Jeffs
Miss A Pagett
Mrs B Shaw
Miss T Townsend
Mrs J White


Cleaning Staff

Mrs G Wood Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs B Batty
Miss S Beanland
Mr S Bispham
Mrs L Brown
Mrs D Clarke
Mrs S Fisher
Mrs L Holt
Mrs A Morris
Mrs M Pickersgill
Miss J Smith
Miss S Wilby