August 17, 2020
Sixth Form News

Bright Futures Ahead For Our Year 13 Students

A Level Results 2020

This year has no doubt been a year like no other for our Year 13 students. The closure of schools in March was followed by the news that they would be unable to sit their exams in the summer and that alongside the centre-assessed grades a standardisation model would be used to bring results in line with other schools and those achieved by previous cohorts. Results day, naturally, brought with it considerable anticipation and anxiety. However, our students showed maturity, kindness to others, resilience and thoughtfulness as they opened their results and shared the outcomes with their friends. Albeit, with social distancing in place.

Although our grades were subsequently affected by the algorithms in the model – as all schools and colleges were – we are pleased to report that the grades the students were awarded are amongst the best the School has ever achieved. This is no surprise to us, as this year group has long been regarded as particularly able and industrious, as evidenced by their outstanding GCSE performance two years ago.

The key statistics are:

A*-A: 32%

A*-B: 62%

A*-E: 100% (as it was last year)

Candidates achieving all A* or A grades: 20%

Our Students can now look forward to bright and exciting futures. Their grades were such that the vast majority are now moving on to courses at their first choice universities, including Durham, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, St Andrews, Warwick and York. Studying a whole host of exciting subjects from Architecture and Medicine to Wildlife Photography and Veterinary Studies. Other students have embraced the world of work with exclusive apprenticeships and employment opportunities. Wherever the next stage of their lives take them, we are immensely proud of our students and we wish them every success for the future.

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Silcoates School

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