January 14, 2018
Sixth Form News

EPQ in Sixth Form

Exceptional Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) success in Sixth Form


The following students achieved an impressive set of grades for their EPQ projects. Six students gained A*, two students A and two students B grades.

The Titles of the EPQ project are below. Overall a vast range of topics that are all personal interests of the students.

Fi Cruikshanks – Is it moral for the film industry to make money from the Holocaust?
Ellie Irvine – Is Darwin’s Natural Selection the true founder of Eugenics?
Alistair Parry – Death of the Author: A post structuralist reading of a Game of Thrones
Rosie Mason – Childhood or Relationship: What influences a female serial killer to commit murder?
Ellie Whitehead – Why plant potatoes on Mars when we could plant in Africa?
Caleb Richards – Is entertainment technology failing to be recognised as a cause of obesity?
Alex Armstrong – Investigating Justice in the Afterlife: A comparative study of Plato’s Myth of Er and Dante’s Inferno
Isabelle Lawley – Is love really ‘blind’? Love that drives us to kill.
Becky Sheppard – Prevention vs Treatment: Which one should we invest our finite resources in, to eradicate malaria
Joe Reid – ‘Conflicted Reporting: The Dangers of War Journalism’


Written by
Helen Lindenmayer

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