Four simple aims combine to make a life-changing Silcoates ethos and experience.

Our Values

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Silcoatians are never on their own; they are supported, listened to and known as individuals.

Silcoatians have permission and willingness to get stuck in, to take the right risks at the right times, within an open-hearted, kind and nurturing community.

Silcoatians are comfortable in their own skin and appreciative and respectful of others.


Silcoatians’ confidence, articulacy, aspiration and leadership skills are nurtured, recognised and celebrated inside and outside the classroom.

Silcoatians have limitless academic, social and cultural opportunities to find their niche and flourish.

Silcoatians are intellectually and emotionally curious, with a fundamental desire to achieve; that desire to make things happen, to aim for better, however hard it may seem.


From the first steps of exploration to the mastery of their art, Silcoatians are outrageously ambitious independent learners.

Silcoatians believe in academic and creative quality; those highest of standards that make their ideas come to life.

Silcoatians aspire to not only make sense of the world but also to improve it.


Silcoatians are energetic and exciting; committed to be the best they can be, without apology and limitations.

Silcoatians have a grounded personability and a sense of inherent honesty and integrity; straight talking and unpretentious, hardworking, trustworthy, decent human beings, with a proper sense of morality.

It means something to walk through our gates; to call yourself a Silcoatian.



We enjoy a friendly and caring community, situated around a stunning Georgian mansion and 60 acres of grounds, amid the stillness and calm of the glorious West Yorkshire hills, where innovative and expert teaching is underpinned by unlimited expectations and coupled with truly outstanding pastoral care. We aim to provide numerous opportunities and surround our pupils with limitless academic, social and cultural opportunities, and have a deep commitment to the progress and success of all pupils, with absolutely ‘no ceilings’ on the expectation of what they can achieve.

From the first steps of exploration to the mastery of their art, we aim for our pupils to be respectful, confident, academically ambitious, independent learners, who are well-known and supported as individuals, both academically and pastorally.

The spiritual ethos of the School is broadly Christian, in line with our foundation, but we are a community open to families of all faiths and none, our approach being underpinned by a spirit of kindness, decency and mutual respect and an acceptance of the fundamental British values of tolerance, freedom and democracy.

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