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The Headmaster has overall responsibility for safeguarding and welfare within the School.  However, the Designated  Safeguarding Lead is Ms Carol Marsh (Head of Upper School).  She is assisted by Mr Richard Fenn (Head of Middle School), Mr Anand Mistry (Head of Sixth Form), Mr Adrian Boyer (Head of Junior School and Pre-School).  The Governor with Responsibility for Child Protection is Mrs Mary Chippendale, the Chair of Governors.

The Safeguarding Policy complements the Wakefield District Safeguarding Children Board (WDSCB) procedures and does not replace them.  It aims to inform and ensure good and safe practice.  It is reviewed annually by the Governor with Responsibility for Child Protection, on behalf of the Board of Governors, and in full consultation with the Senior Management Team, to ensure that it is fit for purpose, meets statutory requirements, and that all related duties have been discharged efficiently.  If, at any point, any weaknesses or deficiencies in safeguarding arrangements are identified, they are remedied without delay.

Regular training for all staff takes place, and key senior staff and governors are trained in Safer Recruitment Procedures and Responding to Allegations against Staff.

Safeguarding Policy