March 12, 2019
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Master Chef Tension Rising!

Master Chef Silcoates Year 11 Food Preparation & Nutrition students

Master chef tension was rising last week as our Year 11 Food Preparation & Nutrition students prepared to take their 3 hour Practical exam. The brief, to design a range of children’s meals that include ‘5 a day’ In accordance with the Government guidelines.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack foods were all designed, prepared and presented whilst adhering to Food safety and quality control. Skills and techniques were outstanding as chefs jointed whole chickens, filleted sea bass and minced their own meat. Enticing dishes such as chocolate avocado mousse, spinach pancake, pear tart and sunshine ice cream were executed with passion.Taste, texture, aroma, appearance, presentation and choice were all taken into consideration once the tasting started.


All students performed exceedingly well and quoted “ Now I know why contestants on Master chef and The Great British Bake Off get so flustered”.

Well done Year 11.

Mrs Oxtoby

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Silcoates School Entrance Assessments