January 31, 2018
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Raising money at Silcoates

Silcoates raised £10,000 for a Borehole at Gendi Primary School, Tanzania



For the first time in Gendi Primary School’s 76 year history it has its own water source.

The next step is to install a hybrid pump that can run off both solar power and mains when needed. When running off solar power the provision of water to the 770 students will be totally FREE.

The new flush toilets we built will cost nothing to the school, nor will the hand washing, drinking, cleaning, cooking water. We can now start a school farm which will act as an income generation scheme.

The provision of water is a major step forward and the whole community as so excited. It is early days still and there is much to be done.

We want to pass on a massive thank you to all the teachers, students, parents and the community of Silcoates School for funding this project and helping to bring about this historic step in the school’s development. You are all amazing.

Written by
Helen Lindenmayer

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