May 11, 2020

Silcoates – VE Day

In the School Magazine of 1945 this obituary for Hubert Pearson M.C read:

‘ Hubert Pearson was lent to Silcoates for ten splendid years. It is very difficult for those to whom he was dear to speak about him. But the School owes him a great and undischargeable debt. His wise leadership of every branch of his life for so many years has left a mark quite ineffaceable. In dozens of ways he created tradition. Lapse of time may erase the connection between the tradition and his name but those who lived with him will always know how boldly, though unassumingly, he lived’ A true Silcoatian.

Silcoates lost 9 of it’s ‘sons’ in the Second World War.

Norman Birkett Burgoine (1931 – 38)
Frank W Davies (1925 – 28)
Donald Grant (1935-40)
Charles William Haythornthwaite (1931 – 37)
Kenneth Michael Meenz (1935 – 40)
Arthur James McCandish Millichip (1934-41)
Hubert Ellis Pearson , M.C (1930-40)
Guthrie Morgan Wadsworth (1914-17)
Benjamin Wroe (1932-41)

Their names are engraved on the tablet in the Chapel. They gave their lives to ensure we had better ones. We have put together a short video of respect to ensure We Will Remember Them.

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Silcoates School

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