Our aim is for our pupils, across the whole ability range, to have a no-ceilings approach to their studies. We are immensely proud of the academic achievements of every single one of our pupils.

We recognise and celebrate the different strengths and interests of all our pupils and we do not compare them. Making the best use of academic data, academic progress is regarded as highly as academic excellence.

We seek to instil in all our pupils intellectual curiosity and a love of learning. This starts with the outstanding teaching, guidance and support of our teaching staff, who pass on to pupils their passion for their subject and for learning for its own sake.

Mrs R Redfearn, Assistant Head, Teaching and Learning

Pupils reach their academic and personal potential and develop an appropriate range of skills as well as pursuing their individual interests and talents

ISI Inspection Team

Pupils are confident learners and understand how to meet examination requirements

ISI Inspection Team

effective marking and feedback strategies are consistently used throughout the school, and pupils know how to improve their work

ISI Inspection Team

in English lessons in senior and junior schools, well-planned and thought provoking activities allow pupils to interpret and respond to texts effectively

ISI Inspection Team

pupil’s mathematical skills are well developed as a result of a systematic process of reinforcing their factual recall and opportunities to apply their skills

ISI Inspection Team

The curriculum provides a broad, stimulating and balanced education for every pupil, regardless of ability, covering the following areas:

  • linguistic
  • mathematical, scientific
  • technological
  • human and social
  • physical and aesthetic
  • creative education.

Our pupils have flexibility of choice at GCSE and A Level, so that they can focus on their areas of strength. Paired reading groups, academic clubs and societies, educational visits, house competitions, and lectures by outside speakers are a regular and hugely popular feature of school life for all pupils.

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