Pastoral care is an integral part of every aspect of school life and works hand-in-hand with academic success. We know from experience that happy children are healthier, learn well, display more emotional literacy and are better behaved.

We ensure that all pupils are effectively supported and well-known as individuals. Class teachers know the pupils in their care and play a crucial role in monitoring, supporting, guiding and mentoring pupils to support their social, emotional and academic needs. Silcoates maintains excellent communications with parents and we ensure continuity of care as the children progress throughout the school.

Pupils in the junior school derive considerable self-confidence from a culture which stresses the importance of praise, and gain further confidence from the use of green and pink comments, which encourage them to think further about the work they have done.

ISI Educational Quality Inspection 2016

Class Teachers have a wealth of pastoral knowledge and the School Nurse provides excellent additional pastoral support. Through developing close links with the children, staff are able to cater for all aspects of pastoral care.

Mrs E Moss, Head of Junior School

Pupils develop considerable self-confidence, benefiting from a culture of praise and encouragement.

ISI Educational Quality Inspection 2016

Our dedicated team of staff aim to support children effectively by meeting their personal, social and academic needs on a daily basis, allowing them to progress on their educational journey in a safe and supportive environment.

Mr C Evans, deputy Head Pastoral

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