What makes Silcoates Senior School special?

Although, in many ways, the Senior School at Silcoates is a seamless transition for those from the Junior School, we are fortunate to be joined by a large number of pupils from others schools. We give them a warm welcome and, before long, they feel fully part of the Silcoates family.

The education we offer in the Senior School provides a full range of new opportunities, be they academic, sporting, musical or dramatic, which pupils can enjoy and excel at. The relatively small size of our year groups, and our class sizes, ensure that no pupil is overlooked. We are keen to help them develop at their own pace, aware of everyone’s different qualities and aptitudes.

What is special though is that, at Silcoates, it is almost impossible not to become involved. Most who wish to be in a sports team will be; most who want to be in a drama production will be; most who wish to study a certain subject combination will be able to. It is that focus on the individual which is most prized by pupils and parents alike.

A pupil’s time in the Senior School is when they experience their peak physical and emotional development. We are conscious of this and ensure that the children are educated about their own development and understand that there is help available if needed. More than anything, we strive to make the Senior School a happy place, where pupils achieve and develop but, more than anything, feel valued and supported.