Silcoatians are never on their own; they are supported, listened to and known as individuals. We support our pupils to feel comfortable in their own skin and to be appreciative and respectful of others.

Our pastoral team is highly experienced and trained. Regular contact with home allows parents and staff to communicate freely, ensuring that all our pupils are supported, listened to and their needs are met.

All staff have completed appropriate safeguarding training and we are proud to have a high level of experience and expertise among senior staff, both in safeguarding and safer recruitment. The safeguarding team meet regularly and work alongside our pupil safeguarding ambassadors.

Our dedicated team of staff aim to support children effectively by meeting their personal, social and academic needs on a daily basis, allowing them to progress on their educational journey in a safe and supportive environment.

Mr C Evans – Deputy Head Pastoral

Every decision that our Governors and Senior Leaders make has the active promotion of pupils’ wellbeing at the core. Pupils’ physical, mental, emotional, social and economic wellbeing is actively promoted by all, as we ensure they are protected from harm and neglect and are able to contribute positively to our society.

Mr C M Wainman – Headmaster

Our senior prefect team take part in regular Peer Mentoring, where prefects are paired up with a tutor group to share their School experience with younger pupils. Prefects are also on hand at break times and lunchtimes should a pupil want to ask for any help and guidance from a peer.

We have a very strong and well developed relationship with the local safeguarding partnership and other safeguarding leads to ensure that the team are up to date both in terms of local and national agendas.

In the Senior School each pupil is under the supervision of a Form Tutor with whom they can make a personal contact and form an appropriate relationship, so that the member of staff can listen to and understand their experiences, and monitor their progress. Pupils are also supported by the Head of Section and Pastoral Deputy, as well as having access to a full time School Nurse and counsellor, if needed.

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