Silcoates School does not have any endowments to finance bursaries or scholarships. Any money that is spent on these is therefore derived from the annual fee income.

As a School, we are conscious of the need for prudence and economy so that our fees are kept as affordable as possible and that any increases are kept to a minimum. However, in keeping with our foundation and ethos, we are also keen to make a Silcoates education accessible to those who may not come from a financially affluent background. It is on this basis that bursaries are offered, according to the criteria set out below.


Silcoates School is committed to broadening access to the School by offering to eligible parents, and/or those with legal parental responsibility, financial assistance with the payment of school fees. Our aim is to admit children who will benefit from the ethos and activities of the school community and to fulfil the aims of the School’s charitable purposes.

A bursary is a grant made by the School to assist parents to pay the fees in cases of special need. It is usually offered to those joining Year 7 (aged 11+) or the Sixth Form (aged 16+). Entrants at other age groups in the Senior School will also be considered, though only in exceptional circumstances would a bursary be offered to a pupil in the Junior School or Pre-School.

The value of the bursary awarded can be up to 100% of the school fees, to allow access to independent education for those who would otherwise be excluded on grounds of cost.

All bursary awards are means-tested and parents wishing to apply for a bursary must complete a Statement of Financial Circumstances form. The award is subject to an annual review, both in the light of family income and the good progress of the pupil, though any change to the level of fees assistance is only made after consultation with parents.

The closing date for Bursary Applications is the 15th January in the year of September entry i.e. 15th January 2024 for entrance in September 2024.


A limited number of scholarships are awarded when it is apparent that an individual’s outstanding ability will assist other pupils to develop and improve due to the scholar’s contribution to school life. On that basis, all awards carry clear expectations of involvement and application and this includes representing the School at various functions. All scholarships are subject to an annual review against progress and effort. The School expects all scholars to be role models through their conduct and their positive contribution to life at Silcoates.

If you require any information about our policy towards bursaries and scholarships, or any further information on how to apply, please contact our Admissions Team, at

Academic scholarships

Are awarded to those entering the Senior School, whether from the Junior School or from elsewhere, who have shown outstanding academic attainment, such as in the 11+ entrance tests, have a strong reference from their previous school (if applicable) and have demonstrated their ability and commitment in an interview with the Head. In the Sixth Form, a scholarship will only be considered if a pupil has achieved at least five 8 or 9 grades at GCSE (or A* where applicable), or they have achieved eight 7 to 9 grades. Only in exceptional circumstances will an academic scholarship be offered to a pupil in the Junior School or Pre-School. The value of the scholarship awarded is as at the discretion of the Head but the remission will be no more than 20% of the full fees.

Music scholarships

Music Scholarships at Silcoates may be awarded to candidates who demonstrate outstanding ability in Music for their age group. There is equally opportunity for both internal (Silcoates Junior School) and incoming external candidates to apply for and be awarded scholarships.

Contribution to the Music Department

Music Scholars will be expected to contribute to the musical life of the school, demonstrating commitment, dedication, and later, leadership in the Music School. Scholars will be encouraged to pursue Music as an academic study, preferably up to at least GCSE level. Sixth Form Music Scholars are not obliged to take A Level Music, but this would be preferred.

The award

Music Scholars will benefit from:

  • Free individual tuition on up to two instruments (up to one hour total per week)
  • Development of musicianship and leadership skills through taking a senior role in music-making at Silcoates
  • Prerequisite Standard and the Audition Process

Applicants in Year 6, for 11+ Music Scholarships, should be at least ABRSM Grade 3-4 or equivalent standard before applying.
Applicants in Year 11, for 16+ Music Scholarships, should be at least ABRSM Grade 7-8 or equivalent standard before applying.
The scholarship assessment will take the form of a short audition to the Director of Music, some sight reading, and a series of short aural tests. There will also be an informal interview with the Director of Music about their musical experiences to date, and their ambitions for the future.

Sports scholarships

Sporting Scholarships at Silcoates may be awarded to existing and new Sixth Form students who demonstrate outstanding ability in a sport for their age group.

The Award

There are two types of sport scholars at Silcoates; Full scholars and Honorary scholars.

Scholarships are aimed at recognising students with an outstanding level of performance in their specialist sport and supporting enhanced development through a dedicated Silcoates’ mentoring, strength and conditioning programme.

Honorary scholars are often unable to commit to representing the School due to a number of external factors such as training and playing commitments outside of School.

Honorary scholars will benefit from:

  • Personalised strength and conditioning training
  • Individual mentoring from the PE department

Full scholars will benefit from:

  • All of the above plus an award equal to a 10% remission in School fees

Contribution to the School and PE Department

Sports Scholars will be expected to contribute to the sporting life of the School, demonstrating commitment, dedication, and leadership in School sport. Sixth Form Sports Scholars are not obliged to take A Level PE, but this would be preferred.

Sports scholars must take part in all sporting teams that they have been selected for in addition to the individual sport for which they have been awarded a scholarship.

Silcoates offers a wide range of sporting activities. Scholars are expected to participate in a broad range of sports.

For example:

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis

Scholars will attend training on a regular basis for all sports that they have been selected for, as well as strength and conditioning sessions arranged by the PE department.

Prerequisite Standard and Application Process

  • 16+ Sports Scholarships
  • Applicants in Year 11, should already be performing at a County standard in their specialist sport or a suitable level in their talent ID pathway.

If your son/daughter does not fulfil the above criteria but has an alternative pathway for sporting excellence they may be entered for a scholar’s assessment.


Scholarship assessment will be undertaken by the Director of Sport, the PE Department and/or other appropriate school staff.

Following an informal interview with the Director of Sport to discuss an applicant’s sporting experiences to date, and their ambitions for the future, a recommendation will be made to the Head for his consideration.

The Head shall make all final decisions regarding the award of sports scholarships, and his decision is final and not subject to appeal.

Art scholarships

Are assessed by the presentation of a portfolio and through practical assessments, as devised by the Head of Art. A remission of up to 10% of the full fee is awarded and this will be subject to conditions that will be stated in the offer letter. Scholars will be expected to take Art GCSE and, usually, A Level.

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